Tuesday, 30 March 2010

19th-20th March. Tourists but few migrants.

On our third and final visit to Palmyra we explored the ruins. The tourist season is starting with Germans and Italians pouring out of buses and the increasing disturbance making migrants hard to find. The cold northerly winds did not help either. Wheatears were again prominent with Isabelline, Mourning and Cyprus Pied. We also paid a final visit to Ghazi and were soon offered a meal. Jacq disappeared off to eat with Ghazi's wife and family while Mel and I sat with Ghazi. Before moving on we had a quick visit to Sed Wadi Abyed. Numbers of migrants continue to increase but were not exceptional, with plenty of Chiffchaffs and Bluethroats along with Reed Warblers and Garganey. Little Swifts, Chough and Ravens performed overhead. Dead Sea Sparows and Desert Finches showed well. Three Bald Ibis had now returned and were expected to be on eggs by early April.

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