Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hasta la victoria siempre. 17th March.

some birds....

.....and onward into Che Guevara country, past Santa Clara, and up to the northern Cays. Revolutionary fervour is stronger out in these rural areas. Here is where the real benefits were gained. Che is still revered in these parts, with the military train he toppled and defeated still in situ and lovingly rubbed down and touched up with paint. Revolutionary graffiti adorns every other wall - Hasta la victoria siempre!

The road out through the Cays provided plenty of waterbirds and dramatic scenery but little new in the way of birds. The scrubby Cays hosted a variety of warblers including plenty of Cape May's and Oriente.

That's it, Cuba, done. Nice people but too close to America for my liking. Must head east next time.

and some cocktails....

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