Sunday, 3 April 2011


There has been some speculation as to whether Snake's-head Fritillary is a native plant in Hertfordshire (or indeed the UK) due to its rather late date of discovery. However, it was formerly known from a number of localities in the southern and central parts of the county. It was first recorded in Hertfordshire near Northaw in 1815 and it still (just) survives in this locality, probably its only remaining location where it may be native. I last visited this site in 1998 when 59 flowering plants were seen. After some searching, I re-found it today and counted 36 plants. However, the damp, rough paddock it frequents is neglected, and fast becoming covered in bramble and without management this looks destined to become another lost site. Meanwhile, in Stocking Springs Wood, a fine show of Wild Daffodils.

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