Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The coast; return to Kotu Creek, 25th October.

I was keen to see how the Kotu area I had roamed around 15 years previously had changed. Standing on the banks of the Kotu 'pools' (aka the sewage works) watching sandpipers, shanks and stilts feeding around the disgorging tankers brought back memories of Wisbech in its heyday, or even the string of small sewage works along the Lee Valley.
Surprisingly, Kotu Creek appeared to have changed little apart from increasing growth of mangrove and some small areas now inaccessible. The Giant Kingfishers were almost in the same tree and the mudflats were full of waders and herons. White-faced Scops Owl, Bearded Barbets, Lizard Buzzards, Fanti Saw-wings, African Thrush and Blue-bellied Rollers were amongst the many species performing well.
Royal, Lesser Crested and Sandwich Terns fished just offshore, Grey-headed Gulls and a single Kelp Gull flew south.
Although only a brief visit, the area still seems very 'birdy', with the key areas intact despite the obvious increase on development over the years. Meanwhile, our airline had gone bust! Oh well, an extra day on the beach, Ladyfish for dinner, and plenty of Julbrew.

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