Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The middle reaches; Tendaba, 23rd October

We landed at Tendaba quay to be met by a multitude of tiny kids all keen to grab hold of, and carry, something. A mass of little hands carried scopes, rucksacks and bags into the camp in exchange for a few Delasis. We dined on roast Warthog and retired to the sweatiest night I can remember. The alarm, half hour before dawn, was a long time coming. The early morning boat trip cruised through the mangrove swamps and creeks. Here, the main river is saline and tidal. Blue-breasted Kingfishers, Mouse-brown Sunbirds and Oriole Warblers mixed with the more familiar Whimbrels, Avocets, Little and Caspian Terns. Anhingas, Great White Egrets, Woolly-necked Storks and Goliath Herons peered down from adjacent trees and West African Crocodiles and Monitor Lizards loafed on the banks. A White-backed Night Heron on its nest almost gets knocked out of the way as the boat passes.

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